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Horn of Africa Services is a nonprofit that serves the East African immigrant and refugee community in Seattle. We serve individuals and families from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and neighboring countries that are living in the Greater Seattle area. Our services include social services, educational assistance, youth programs, and economic empowerment to address the needs of the community.
For over 25 years, Horn of Africa Services has been providing advocacy and educational services to East African immigrants and refugees through a holistic approach. This is an approach that lends itself to deeper understanding and tolerance in our communities and brings positivity and self reliance to the forefront of peoples lives. We implement programs that allow people who have been through tremendous hardships to regain control of their lives. We instill the concept that people must partake in issues that affect their lives and the lives of their family in order to have a better life. That people have to be their own advocates because they have issues specific to their lives that others may not understand. The community we serve has many obstacles to overcome which include learning a new language and culture, finding jobs in an unstable and confusing job market, overcoming persecution and emotional trauma, as well as preserving the morals and customs that they deeply value. Our programs offer support and advocacy that ensure families will not have to endure all of these obstacles alone and our multi-lingual staff allows for a high level of communication and understanding in order to successfully facilitate our mission within our programs.  

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