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Equal Employment opportunity 

              Horn of Africa Services is dedicated to insure equal employment opportunity by implementing diversity, fair and equal employment policy. Our team constitute members of different national origins, religious background, generational age gap, cultural background and many more. Diversifying of our team members gave us the opportunity  to leverage soft and hard skills the diversified team members bring on board. Having diversified team enabled us to provide linguistically competent, and culturally appropriate services to the community we serve. We will continue to diversify our team members in the future, to increase innovation and creativity among our team. 
            This is the primary site where we post open vacancies for all types of employment and voluntary opportunities. Additionally, we may post our job opening to different employment market places. There is no need to call in or come to office to get the employment information, as we dedicated to keep this record current and up-to date.  Please follow the link below to see the open position/s. 

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