Parents and Child Care Providers Resources Center: 

This page is dedicated to serve as resources center for parents and childcare providers.  This page made live by the support from King   County's BSK (Best Start for Kids)

Horn of Africa Services (HOAS) dedicate to ensure equitable serve to families specially those raising kids. This resource is intended to build parents and childcare provider in our communities.  East African families can now access resource on this page in four other languages in addition to English. 

Horn of Africa Services is dedicated to update information on these site. Through its decades of services, Horn of Africa Services understood many families in our communities need more information to successfully raise their kids. The information on this page is for parents and childcare provider capacity building purposes.
By navigating through this site you will be able to access very useful information in your language.  

Horn of Africa Services is ready to respond to your inquiries, please contact us by clicking here or by calling (206) 760 - 0550

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