Our programs

     At Hoas we divided our broad work for our community into four major programs so that they can administratively handled well.  Based on what you are looking for, please navigate through below listed programs, and if you unable to find what you are looking for please contact using means of contact  listed in contact menu. 

Please take a look at our programs briefly described below and get involved with us to positively impact the community.

Community Education and Family Support

This program mainly focus on making the community more aware to be able to navigate through the system and been able to use the services available to them in rightful manner. 

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Early learning program

This program focus on providing early on support to kids in early age so that they grow to oriented and healthy adult. 

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Youth Development Program 

In this program we focus on providing support to youth and school age children so that they can successfully engaged in what they have to do during their youth and make a successful transition to their adulthood. 

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Social Services Program

Do you have immigration issue, need social, medical, and economical support or do you need to get connected to other organization which provide social and legal services. Yes, we can help you with those needs you have, please refer the link below for more information or contact us. Remember you can always book an appointment to speak with our social service specialists. 

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