Do you want to meet our Team?

At HOAS we are team-up and ready to help your needs. Please reach us during business hours. For all calls, or email outside of business hours (9:00AM -5:30PM), we will get back to you the next business day. 

Tsegaye Gebru

Executive Director
[email protected]

Firomsa Geleta

Early Learning program Manager 
[email protected]
(206) 451 - 3229

Yohannes Beshi

Youth Development program Manager
[email protected]
(206) 319 - 6838

Elfnesh Woldu

Social Services Program Manager 
[email protected]
(206) 451 - 0322

Eskedar Abera

Early Learning Program Coordinator 
[email protected]
(206) 451 - 0610

Nafkot Tola

Client Case Manager and Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(206) 354 - 4875

Ebsa Chefo

CEFS Program Manager 
[email protected]

Kidest Habtemariam  

Social Service Specialist

[email protected] 
(206) 354 - 1162

Helen Zegeye

Customer Support Specialist 
[email protected]

Boharsitu Somoo

Early Learning Home Visit Specialist 
(206)  889 - 7825
[email protected]